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Lead Pipe Replacement

3 BIG reasons to change your lead pipes NOW!

Lead pipes are potentially poisonous

They increase the risk of burst pipes and flooding

They hinder optimal water pressure performance


Lead poisoning can have serious effects on your health and especially your childrens' health. More information about the toxic dangers posed by lead in your water supply or to see the potential damage caused by the use of lead pipes can be fround from the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering HERE

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Are there any ways I can help reduce exposure to lead in my drinking water?


Flush your pipes before drinking. The longer water sits in pipes, the more lead it may contain. Running the water until it becomes as cold as possible can help ensure that you are drinking water that has not been sitting still in your pipes. This can take 5-30 seconds if there has been recent water use from that faucet, up to two minutes if not.

Use cold water for drinking and eating: Cold water is less likely to contain lead.

Never add warm water to baby formula. Note: Boiling water will not get rid of lead contamination.

Use water filters or treatment devices: Only specific products are designed to reduce lead contamination


These methods are tedious and provide only a partial cure. Remove the cause by replacing your lead pipes now!

If you think that replacing the old lead pipes in your property is a good idea (it is!) then we can do it for you. Our impact moling services use trenchless technology to replace your existing lead pipes with minimal disruption to your property.

Water Pressure

New Boiler? Times have changed. New boilers and other appliances being installed nowadays require a much higher flow of water. Lead pipes are outdated and too small for the demands of modern appliances. By replacing the pipe feeding the house with new, British Standard Polythene Pipe (MDPE), modern water flow and pressure demands can be met.

Leaks and Flooding

Lead pipes are undoubtedly coming to the end of their lives. If they haven't burst yet, they probably will soon, causing your home or property to be flooded, no actual water available in your home and MISERY. It's not just old age that can cause this but random factors out of your control e.g. harsh and variable weather conditions, ground movements or your local council increasing the mains water pressure in your area. All of these things can cause lead pipes to swell and burst, not just the ageing process.

Trenchless Installations are based in the North Berwick, East Lothian area. Our lead pipe replacement services are available to domestic and commercial customers within a 100 miles radius of Edinburgh.

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