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What is impact moling?

Moling is a trenchless method used to install new pipes, ducts and cables. During the process, a pneumatically driven machine, known as a mole, forces its way underground along the desired path. Moling avoids the need to dig a trench, thus minimizing or eliminating the need for messy excavations.

The process, put simply, involves digging a small launching hole at the boundary of the property, and another where the mole emerges. The holes are small enough that they can be dug by hand in inaccessible locations. The pneumatic mole will tunnel straight under the ground from hole to hole and emerge wherever deemed approriate. The new pipe will then be fed through this hole and connected at both ends. This method provides a stress free option for installing new pipes or cables. In many cases we can be in and out in one day, with minimum mess.

Why moling?

It will save you time and money, keep any potentail disruption to your property and the environment to the minimum. It can be used for road crossings, without disruption to traffic, under walls, embankments and other obstacles and generally anywhere a trench wouldn't work. Moling can be used for installing or replacing:

Water pipes

Gas pipes

Utility ducting

BT and fibre optic cables

Drainage/Irrigation pipes

Armoured cables

Heating coils for heat pump systems

Lead pipe replacement

From installing or replacing new pipes to individual homes or larger projects such as agricultural drainage or irrigation, moling can provide a cost effective solution.

If you are looking for moling services, contact Trenchless Installations your local moling specialists. Based in North Berwick, East Lothian and serving customers within a 100 mile radius of Edinburgh.

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Our moling services are available in the North Berwick, East Lothian and within a 100 mile radius of Edinburgh.

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